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me clear my goals, l


pen came out, fell on the paper, and the ink marks splashed. Grandpa met, not annoyed, only refers to my words, meaningfully said: "Shantou, remember the eight words I wrote to you?" "Indifferent Mingzhi, quiet and far-reaching", these eight words Come to my eyes. These eight words are meant to make me clear my goals, let me meditate and let me go further. Grandpa wrote the pen, and the nib was steady on the paper. The black and black hair slowly appeared, and my words were eclipsed. "Indifferent to Mingzhi, quiet and far-reaching Newport Cigarettes." Eight characters stand in front of you, deep in the heart. The breeze is coming, and the sky is clear. In the ink fragrance of "indifferent Mingzhi, quiet and far-reaching", the heart once again precipitated. The sun shines on the earth and nourishes the heart. Once again, hold the pen, and the various kinds of things that have been in the past, are now deposited on the tip of the pen, not impetuous, only a slight smile, I have a sunny day of my own. Calligraphy, my sunny day. [Chapter 5] The rain like fog, the fog like rain, the lingering lingering. The wind blew out the cold of the bones; the heart, shaking off the bleakness of the land. I don't know when, I can have a sunny day. A pillow is deserted and sleepless all night. Standing by the window, the sound of rain awakened the shackles of the bottom of my heart. For more than three months, time is like worn-out boots, and walking is gone. It is clear that it is spring rain, but it feels the bleakness of autumn. The rain outside the window, the tears in my eyes fell. The teacher tapped my back and took a piece of paper and handed it to me. I took it and looked at her through the "rain curtain": casual wear, black frame, thin lips. It is the same as usual. Very strict, even a very majestic person, this gentle warmth my heart. For more than three months, she gave up a lot, but she never gave up on me. She held down my shoulder and said to me seriously: "There are a total of six people in more than two thousand people, and there are you, enough to prove your excellence, at least in this respect. You have seized many opportunities, from Start to the present. You can win with brilliance, but you should not lose. After the rain is sunny." The tone is harsh, but the meaning is warm. Looking up at her, the slender scorpions are full of encouragement. I can't be myself all the time, suddenly I realize: What am I crying? What am I afraid of? I did it, I can do it, I worked hard, even if I lost it? Since it can't be changed, why not let it go? Prosperous and prosperous, many are frustrations, mostly rainy days, but after the rain, it is sunny. I should not let the teacher's trust, and the mother's understanding. The mother gently raised her hand and touched my head. The eyes were distressed and comforted: "I know." Know my efforts, my contribution. The tears broke the embankment, the cool, the heart is hot, not thinking, unforgettable. The sky that had been there for many days was sunny. The sky is blue, the clouds are very light, the wind is very light, and the sun is very gentle. The breeze blows, all the way to happiness, I have never been alone in life Online Cigarettes, I will always meet people or things I don't want to face, but what to hide? These things are inevitable, and sorrow is inevitable. Just because of sorrow, happiness becomes more and more precious. It is because of the rainy days that you feel the brightness of the sunny day. In the journey of life Newport 100S, believe in yourself, believe in love, let the sun shine in the heart - it is sunny after the rain, and it belongs to me in a sunny day.
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