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ss. Then I am a cry


Tears testify to my growth. It is a gradual and strong levy. It is not a symbol of cowardice. It is more willing to label it as "mature", not understanding the chaotic world Parliament Cigarettes, and being alone in the noisy crowd. Tears seem to be a memoir of memories of growth, tears are the best expression of emotion. Don't say that we are not strong enough, we only know that one person is curled up in the corner and crying. If no tears are always with us, listen to my impatient and quietly telling me to grow up, let me go strong, then I will not remember my growth process. Then I am a crying child in elementary school, a joke of my classmates, a teacher��s question, a parent��s scolding, or even a fall. I will cry, tears seem to be inseparable partners. I am an ordinary child, but I am being treated by my peers. Bullying, I always bow my head and cry in the corner, I want to tell the teacher, but I don��t have the courage... The feet that go out are always retracted... I always swallow when I get to my mouth... I hate my own timidity. With incompetence and a quiet night, I stood in front of the window and blew the wind. The bright moonlight slanted from me in front of the window. The wind around me slaps the curtain, and the curtains flap on the body with pain. When the value is deciduous, the street lamp next to it is shot on the bare branches. It looks so miserable. The leaves under the tree are blown like a dance, but they can��t jump back to the mother��s arms. Unconsciously, tears can't help but fall, thinking of my own experience is like a big tree, my heart can not help but a pain, gently sighed, turned and climbed onto the bed, wiped out the lights, want to rest me But I couldn��t sleep, but I whispered on the bed and whispered, "Hey..." I heard the sound of the door open, and I quickly tweeted the quilt and turned my head to sleep. It turned out to be a mother... Mother squatted and walked to the bed to sit down. Looking at the table lamp on the table, I wanted to open it but somehow shrank it back on my head Newport Cigarettes, gently wiped the tears in my eyes, and said with a slight sadness: "Children, don't give up again. Self, why care about other people's eyes and comments? Do you not like Jay Chou? Before he became famous, did he not suffer from the discrimination and ridicule of many others? But he finally became the "Asian King" In this day when he was not seen by others, he persisted. He didn't care about other people's opinions and lived for himself... I remember you said that by chance, he got a famous name. Opportunity, he After completing this impossible work, eating instant noodles every day, but suffering from other people's ridicule, but he succeeded... child, strong, like you like him..." The mother sighed, slowly Out of the room, I already opened my eyes with a pillow towel. My mother thought that I was asleep. "You look so shabby..." "That is," I heard these words again, my heart was shocked, I thought of that. One night, the mother's meaningful words, I took a step, confidently walked past them. People always said, crying is a weak performance, but who thought, after the crying, the tears witnessed me gradually faded childish Breathable clothing, put on mature strong armor, dry your tears, and lift your head reluctantly, I will dry my tears after every cry, continue to bravely go forward!
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